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Product features of ozone generator for swimming pool

Swimming pool ozone generator is a kind of equipment designed for water treatment, and its product features generally include:

1. The generation system uses a unique patented ceramic ozone generating unit. The internal electrode is 316L stainless steel, the medium is high-purity ceramic, and the head is mechanically sealed with polytetrafluoroethylene fluorine rubber, which has strong oxidation resistance, high pressure resistance, high ozone concentration and long life.

2. The application of IGBT inverter high-frequency and high-voltage power supply can effectively improve ozone generation efficiency, achieve high efficiency and energy saving, and ensure continuous and stable operation.

3. The generation unit adopts a modular design, which is easy to maintain and does not affect the work of other modules. It realizes integrated control of the ozone generation system, air source system, and cooling system, making it easy to install and use.

4. The ozone system has bipolar effective cooling to maintain high stability in ozone generation.

5. The PSA oxygen generation system provides high-quality oxygen to the generating unit and increases the ozone concentration.

6. Advanced PLC automation control realizes the integration of ozone generation system, air source system, cooling system and control system. The PLC control system not only manages various partial functions of the ozone generator, but also displays everything from the pre-processing of the gas source to ozone dosing in detail on the touch screen, making it easier for the operator to understand his operating status and parameter settings.

7. All aspects and equipment in the ozone dosing system are under centralized control, including detection instruments, water pumps, tail gas decomposition devices, etc., and the ozone system can be protected in a timely manner based on detection data, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the entire ozone system.

8. The design of the dedicated oxygen-rich source ozone generator for swimming pools is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, with a power consumption of only 7-9Kwh/KgO3 and a silent design.

9. All cabinets of the ozone generator adopt Rittal cabinets, and the power supply of the discharge tube of the ozone generator is sealed and sealed against moisture and corrosion.

10. All ozone generator cabinets with a capacity of 150g/h or above are equipped with panel air conditioners.

Ozone generator fully automatic dosing operation mode


Ozone mixer

The ozone water vapor mixer includes a mixing pump, separation tank, exhaust valve, instrument control, etc. On the basis of the mixing pump, the mixing pump, water and gas separation tank, exhaust valve, etc. are integrated, which avoids on-site installation and debugging.

The gas mixer uses an advanced gas-liquid mixing system. After mixing water and ozone, a certain concentration of ozone water is obtained through the gas-liquid separation system. The water-gas separation system is used to separate the water-gas mixture, so that undissolved ozone and Oxygen is separated, which has the advantages of high mixing efficiency and high ozone water production.



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