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The use of ozone generator in industrial oxidation

Ozone generator is used in many industrial oxidation processes and is known to be extremely powerful and commonly used. Industrial oxidation process using ozone, the concentration is required to be high, so the structure of the product is required to be airtight, through the pipeline delivery use. In the occurrence of technical pretreatment of the gas source, selectivity are required, the operation rate of the equipment is also required to be higher, due to ozone production, high concentration, cooling is also an important part of the product structure. Generally are used with oil-free compressor, the dry (or cooling) processed oxygen source, under certain pressure into the generator, the output of ozone in the pumping, such as oxidation tower and other devices, and the treatment of substances in full contact with the oxidation or catalytic effect, the exclusion of excess ozone and then catalytic reduction, so as not to cause harm.

Industrial oxidation and catalytic application of ozone generator

Industrial oxidation and catalytic application of ozone generator, the most common is the drug or spice industry, ozone oxidation, catalytic is an important part of the process, commonly used 1kg / h output selection of ozone generating equipment, investment industry is relatively large. Paper industry in the use of pulp bleaching, it should be combined with water treatment process. Another aerospace materials such as carbon fiber must be oxidized with ozone to improve its flexibility and strength. Other textile industry, such as woolen raw materials, decolorization, decontamination also have a lot of the use of ozone.



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