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Treatment of ozone generator in printing and dyeing wastewater

ozone generator
ozone generator

According to the characteristics of printing and dyeing wastewater, traditional treatment methods are often ineffective and have high technical costs. In order to solve this problem, scientific researchers continued to explore and innovate through long-term and unremitting efforts, and finally developed ozone catalytic oxidation technology. This technology has become a popular choice for printing and dyeing due to its high efficiency, low cost, no secondary pollution and many other advantages. The new favorite for advanced wastewater treatment.

Ozone catalytic oxidation technology refers to the use of ozone as oxidation to oxidize and decompose organic substances in organic wastewater into harmless substances through the action of a catalyst. This technology is highly efficient and unique, and can effectively remove organic matter and organic matter in printing and dyeing wastewater. substances to treat wastewater into clean water that meets discharge standards.

Compared with traditional wastewater treatment technology, ozone catalytic oxidation technology has the following significant advantages:
First of all, ozone catalytic oxidation technology treats printing and dyeing wastewater without adding chemicals or generating excess sedimentation waste, avoiding secondary pollution problems in traditional processes, and is a true “clean production” technology;
Secondly, ozone catalytic oxidation technology can treat printing and dyeing wastewater very quickly and has a short reaction time. It can complete the treatment of wastewater in a short time and improve the treatment efficiency;

Thirdly, ozone catalytic oxidation technology does not produce toxic by-products in the process of treating printing and dyeing wastewater, is safe and harmless to the environment and human body, and is in line with the concept of sustainable development;
Finally, the operating cost of this technology is relatively low, which can significantly reduce the production cost of enterprises and improve the economy.


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