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Application of ozone generator in breeding technology

If farmers can master the specific application technology of ozone in the breeding process, they can reduce the investment in drugs such as antibiotics, reduce production costs and improve product quality.
Ozone technology is an advanced way for poultry farms to break through conventional technologies, improve production efficiency and ensure sustainable development of meat and egg quality. The technology for preventing plague and diseases uses the characteristics of ozone generator for sterilization, disinfection, and purification. It is a high-tech technology commonly used in modern poultry farms abroad.

Application of ozone technology

The application of ozone technology in poultry farms is carried out in two aspects. The main aspect is to use ozone generator to continuously sterilize, disinfect and purify the air in the breeding shed. On the other hand, let the birds drink ozone water regularly. Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, which is more powerful than known sterilizing and disinfecting chemicals such as chlorine and formalin. Ozone dissolves in water to produce intermediate substances monoatomic oxygen (0) and hydroxyl radical (HO), which have similar oxidizing properties to fluorine. Ozone is reduced to oxygen or water during the processes of sterilization, bleaching, deodorization, decontamination, and decomposition of chemical pollutants, without causing secondary pollution.
Standards for installing ozone disinfection purifiers in breeding sheds. According to the field test results, the standard ozone generation amount per 100-150 square meters of space (1000-1500 chickens are raised) is 1000mg/h. While using ozone to disinfect and purify the air in the farm, ozone is used to brew ozone water for drinking by the poultry. It is also an important link. Poultry drinking ozone water can change the intestinal microecological environment of poultry. Ozone reduces the number of bacteria that feed on host nutrients in the poultry intestines and reduces host nutrient consumption.
It also enhances the activity of powerfully secreted pulverization enzymes. It improves the utilization rate of food nutrients by poultry, especially poultry, increases the nutritional supply of poultry, and promotes the healthy growth of poultry. Allowing poultry to drink ozone water relatively changes the poultry’s drug resistance, which can effectively prevent intestinal diseases such as pullorum in chickens. It should be noted that the half-life of ozone in water is about 20 minutes, so it is better to drink it while making it. But ozone breaks down chemicals. The supply of medicine and ozone water should be separated and equipped with more advanced equipment. Through a large number of field application comparisons, ozone has effectively curbed the occurrence of poultry plague diseases, ensured the survival rate of poultry, and promoted healthy growth.



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