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Why do swimming pools need to be equipped with negative pressure air source ozone machines

Why do swimming pools need to be equipped with negative pressure air source ozone machines.

Everyone knows that ozone generator for swimming pool are generally divided into two categories: positive pressure and negative pressure.

When used domestically, there is no distinction between industry and commerce, and only the selection is based on the number of grams, without considering other factors. Is it necessary to have the expensive price of the negative pressure unit?

The positive pressure ozone machines are injected into the water treatment system by the positive pressure power of the air compressor. Positive pressure machines increase the ozone production of the ozone generator system by increasing the intake volume.

This is also why large ozone generators are mostly positive pressure machines. To further increase production, some even use treated pure oxygen as the raw material for the intake reaction.

Due to the requirements of hard indicators such as intake dryness and oxygen purity, the linkage of the entire system requires highly professional operation and maintenance, which is generally used in the industrial field.

Why does it still need to develop negative pressure units for high-end ozone internationally? The negative pressure unit is mainly safe, quiet, durable, maintenance free, user-friendly, and relatively simple to operate. Mainly used in commercial environments with high foot traffic.

For example, star rated hotel swimming pools have a room that is not as open and ventilated as sewage treatment plants. Any gas leakage can cause significant harm.

Assuming the hotel uses a positive pressure oxygen source ozone machine, once the oxygen pipeline ruptures, the entire room will be filled with high concentrations of oxygen. Such high concentrations of auxiliary gas and even minor sparks can cause a major fire.

If the ozone injection pipeline leaks, ozone will fill the entire room, causing equipment corrosion and causing harm to operators. Ozone decomposes into a high concentration oxygen environment after half aging. There is also a risk of fire.

Perhaps you would say that I will use a positive pressure air source to install all safety devices such as leak alarms. But safety devices may also malfunction.

Even if it is an air source, compressed gas is a high-performance and efficient combustion aid.

In addition, the positive pressure equipment is equipped with a compressor, and noise is also a hazard. Observing the instruments and operating conditions of multiple devices during each start stop is tedious and complex.

How can we avoid the harm in this business environment? Then use a negative pressure unit.

Comparatively speaking, the negative pressure air source unit can handle the above situation and is safer.

The operation of the negative pressure unit equipment relies on the negative pressure of the booster pump jet to suck in the airflow. Once the vacuum loses pressure, the equipment will automatically shut down. There is no issue of ozone injection leakage.

Secondly, because there is no air compressor, there is no noise pollution.

The start-up linkage of the negative pressure unit generally only needs to start the pump and wait for the airflow meter to come up, which is convenient, safe, and simple.

This is also why design and consultants in the international commercial field first consider negative pressure units, because there is only one life. The safety of the hotel’s swimming pool and clubhouse is not a trivial matter. The original intention of both the design team and the consulting team is to prioritize safety.



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