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Application of 100g ozone generator in drinking water treatment

100g ozone generator used in drinking water treatment, in addition to good sterilization effect, no secondary pollution, but also decolorization, odor removal, removal of iron, manganese, oxidation decomposition of organic matter and help coagulation, some reports pointed out that ozone can kill all harmful substances in water.
In recent years, the rise of mineral water, pure water, bottled water has been the necessary market for ozone technology products, leaving ozone equipment is difficult to meet the standard.
When using ozone equipment, the dosage of ozone is generally 1-3mg/L, and the contact time is 10-15 minutes, which can be used as a reference for calculation according to water consumption when selecting a model.
In the water purification industry, the application of ozone is also very common, such as pure water and mineral water production line, the general treatment water is relatively small, when the treatment water is less than 3T/h, the jet method is used to add, ozone and water through the jet machine mixed into the reaction tank contact reaction 4-10 minutes after the water, the outlet concentration should be greater than 0.4mg/l; The treatment capacity is greater than 3T/h, the oxidation tower continuous aeration method is selected, and the water is discharged after 10 minutes of aeration time. In order to avoid the production of large amounts of nitrogen oxides, oxygen-rich source ozone generators should be selected.

The whole process of 100g ozone generator treating pure water

The overall treatment process of pure water is:
Raw water tank → sand filter → carbon filter → soft water filter → reverse osmosis (or ultrafiltration) → Adding ozone → pure water
The overall treatment process of mineral water is:
Raw water → aeration → sand filtration → Ozone injection → precision filtration → filling
Water purification industry attention:
The dosage of ozone: the dosage of pure water is 2-3g/T, and the concentration of ozone in water reaches 0.4mg/l; The mineral water is 3-5g/T, and the ozone concentration in the water reaches 0.4-0.6mg/l. New standard pure water 0.2mg/L Mineral water 0.4mg/L
Similar to the application of ozone in the water purification industry is the preparation of highly concentrated ozone water in the food industry. In some food industries, it is necessary to prepare ozone water to wash food, such as meat, seafood and some other methods are difficult to sterilize food packaging, such as bottle caps, etc., such food generally does not have conditions or can not be soaked in ozone water for a long time, and can only use ozone water for a short time to wash, so the concentration of ozone in water is very high. For example, the concentration of ozone water for washing cooked food needs to be > 3mg/l, and the concentration of ozone water for washing raw food needs to be > 6mg/l. In terms of dosing process, it is the same as water purification.



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