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Oxidation application of ozone generator in flue gas treatment

Application of ozone generator in flue gas denitrification

MAX ozone generator has very rich experience in flue gas denitrification.Ozone denitrification is nothing more than to remove NOX in the flue gas, the main component of NOX in the flue gas is NO, the advanced oxidation of ozone can achieve the removal effect, and other harmful gases in the flue gas can also be removed. As a strong oxidizing agent, ozone can easily oxidize NO into high-priced nitrogen oxides such as NO2, N2O3, N2O5, which can be dissolved in water to form HNO2 and HNO3. Then Na2S and NaOH solutions were used for absorption, and the removal rate of NOX was as high as 95%.
In the actual test, the key reaction of ozone and NO at low temperature can be studied. At low temperatures, the key reactions between O3 and NO are as follows:
NO+O3→NO2+O2 (1)
NO2+O3→NO3+O2 (2)
NO3+NO2→N2O5 (3)
NO+O+M→NO2+M (4)
NO2+O→NO3 (5)
The experimental results of simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification with ozone oxidation technology show that the ozone oxidation efficiency of NO can reach more than 84% at typical flue gas temperature, and the desulfurization rate is nearly 100% when combined with tail wet washing. The denitrification efficiency also reaches 86.27% when the molar ratio of O3/NO is 0.9. Young Sun Mok and Heon-Ju Lee passed ozone into the flue gas to oxidize NO, then absorbed it with Na2S and NaOH solutions, and finally converted NOx to N2, with a removal rate of up to 95% of NOX and about 100% of SO2. The removal of SO2, NOX and Hg was studied by injecting O3 into simulated flue gas, and then the flue gas was washed by alkali absorption tower. The results showed that the removal rate of NO and Hg0 was related to the injection amount of O3. When the addition amount of O3 was 200ppm, the removal efficiency of NO could reach 85%. The removal rates of NO and SO2 can reach 97% and 100% respectively.


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