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How to choose an ozone generator for you

Determine the output or model of the ozone generator

Determine the model of the ozone generator, which is the ozone output. When purchasing this device, you must first determine its purpose. It is used for air sterilization and deodorization as well as water treatment.

When used for air treatment, you can choose a low-concentration economical open-type equipment, which includes open-type one with air sources and open-type ozone without air sources. It is best to choose models with air sources.

This product has a simple structure and low price, but the temperature and humidity during operation affect the amount of ozone output.

The above-mentioned open equipment is the simplest ozone device. High-concentration ozone generators should also be selected for air treatment in places with high requirements. During air treatment, it should be put in according to the standard of 20-50mg/m3, and the food and drug industry should choose a higher value.

The total amount of ozone (i.e., the output of the ozone generator) can be obtained by converting the size of the equipment space. When used for water treatment, a high-concentration equipment (ozone concentration greater than 148 mg/L) must be purchased. Low-concentration ozone treatment of water is ineffective. The high-concentration ozone device comes standard with a gas source, gas source treatment device and ozone device. Small ones can be designed as integrated models with output between 5-200g/h. Large and medium-sized device basically exist in the form of units.

ozone generator

Identify the quality of ozone generators

The quality of ozone device can be identified from many aspects such as manufacturing materials, system configuration, cooling method, operating frequency, control method, ozone concentration, air source and power consumption indicators. A high-quality peoduct should be made of high dielectric materials, standard configuration (including gas source and purification device), double-electrode cooling, high-frequency drive, intelligent control, high ozone concentration output, low power consumption and low gas source consumption.

Avoid misunderstandings

A. Understand whether the device contains a gas source. The cost of a generator with a gas source and a generator without a gas source are very different. If you purchase without an air source through the price advantage, you still need to provide your own air source device and may end up spending more money. B. Understand the structural form of the generator, whether it can operate continuously, ozone output concentration and other indicators. For example, if you need an ozone device for water purification, if you choose an open ozone generator by mistake, you will not be able to use it.

D. Confirm the rated output of the product, whether it is the output marked when using an air source or using an oxygen source. Because the ozone output when the ozone generator uses an oxygen source is twice as large as when it uses an air source, the cost difference between the two is nearly doubled. When purchasing this device, both supply and demand parties should communicate in an all-round way to avoid misunderstandings, and do not use price as the main reference to measure ozone generators.

Backup machine

For places where continuous operation is not allowed, a backup machine should be used when purchasing ozone device. Purchase according to the principle of two uses and one backup, one use and one backup. The standby unit is mainly used alternately during equipment maintenance or repair to avoid downtime maintenance affecting normal production.



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