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MAX 20kg/h ozone generator is used in high-concentration organic coking wastewater treatment in China

MAX 20kg/h ozone generator is used in a coking wastewater chemical plant in Jiangsu Province, China. The ozone oxidation method is a mature process and an effective means to treat coked phenol cyanide wastewater. It can react quickly with most organic matter in the wastewater. The hydroxyl radicals (·OH) produced can completely oxidize some organic pollutants into CO2 , H2O, can also oxidize and break some long-chain, refractory substances into short-chain small molecules to improve biodegradability. Ozone can also remove phenol, cyanide and other pollutants in wastewater, reduce its COD/BOD value, increase the B/C value, and improve the biodegradability of wastewater. It can also play the role of decolorization, deodorization, and sterilization, and The operation is simple and convenient. Therefore, ozone oxidation method has been widely used in the treatment of coking wastewater.

Ozone oxidation is currently the most widely used advanced oxidation technology. Therefore, the ozone oxidation process is often combined with biochemical processes. Currently, the most widely used process is the “ozone + biological aerated filter (O3 + BAF)” process, and the membrane Compared with BAF, bioreactor (MBR) has better biochemical treatment function and solid-liquid separation effect.

The ozone oxidation method is used to treat coking wastewater. The results show that for coking wastewater with COD <1000mg/L and phenol ≤500mg/L, the COD removal rate after treatment by ozone oxidation can reach 80%, and the phenol content is reduced by more than 80%. The removal rate of sulfur cyanide and cyanide is nearly 100%, and ammonia nitrogen can be reduced by 35%.

The most important thing is that when using this 20kg/h ozone generator process, the ozone dosage and the matching process are more critical.

20kg/h ozone generator
MAX provide 20kg/h ozone generator



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