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Design of swimming pool water ozone disinfection system

Full flow ozone disinfection system for swimming pool

The full-flow ozone disinfection system ensures that the entire circulating flow is fully mixed with the added ozone and reacts in contact to ensure both the disinfection effect and the quality of the pool water. However, this method has many equipments (in addition to filters, there are also mixers, reaction tanks, residual ozone adsorption filters, etc.), large investment, and good results. It is suitable for use in world-class, national-level and large-scale swimming pools.

Its characteristics are: after the entire circulating water volume of the swimming pool is sand filtered, 0.8-1.0 mg/l O3 is injected through the reaction tank for a contact reaction of no less than 2 minutes, and then enters the activated carbon to filter and absorb residual ozone, other impurities,and odors. , then return to the pool.

Split flow ozone disinfection system for swimming pool

Split flow ozone disinfection system

The split-flow ozone disinfection system only adds ozone to 25% of the circulating volume for disinfection, and then mixes it with 75% of the unadded mainstream circulating water to dilute and use the remaining ozone in the split-flow disinfection water to continue disinfection. This disinfection method reduces the volume of the reaction tank and eliminates the residual ozone adsorption filter, thereby reducing the floor space, investment, and operating costs, while ensuring the disinfection and sterilization effect. This disinfection method increases the equipment cost and It is large in size and small in size, so it is most suitable for the renovation of original swimming pools and the use of small swimming pools.

Its characteristics are: usually a ejector installed on the bypass pipe is used to introduce ozone into the water. In order to ensure the water inlet pressure of the ejector, a pipeline pump is installed on the bypass pipe for pressurization. The water and ozone mixture behind the ejector enters the reaction tank from the upper side and is fully contacted, and then the water flows out from the lower side and is connected to the swimming pool circulating water main pipe.

The water in the bypass pipe is disinfected under high ozone concentration and then mixed with the water in the main pipe to produce an oxidation reaction.

Ozone generator fully automatic dosing operation mode



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