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Application of MAX 10kg/h ozone generator in wastewater treatment in chemical industry park

The project of using MAX 10kg/h ozone generator in sewage treatment in industrial parks in China has been accepted.

ozone generator
ozone generator

The application of ozone generator in sewage treatment has been widely recognized and applied. It is widely used in sewage treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment, water treatment equipment and other fields. The application of ozone can effectively remove organic matter, color, odor, bacteria and other pollutants in water, improving the safety and reliability of water quality.

Application of ozone generator in sewage treatment plant

1. Sewage pretreatment: Ozone can be used for sewage pretreatment to reduce the organic matter load and bacterial count in traditional treatment processes by oxidizing organic matter and killing bacteria. This helps improve the effectiveness of subsequent processing.

2. Decolorization: Ozone oxidation can effectively remove pigments and dyes in sewage and restore transparency to the water body. This is especially important for the treatment of dye industry wastewater, which can reduce pollution of water resources.

3. Disinfection: Ozone is a powerful bactericide that can quickly kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in sewage. Compared with traditional chlorine disinfection, ozone disinfection does not produce harmful by-products and is environmentally friendly.

4. Removal of ammonia nitrogen: Ozone can oxidize ammonia nitrogen in the water and convert it into harmless nitrogen, thereby effectively reducing the ammonia nitrogen content in the water. This is very important for sewage treatment plants, because ammonia nitrogen is a common pollutant that causes serious harm to water bodies and the ecological environment.

MAX ozone has extensive experience in ozone oxidation applications in wastewater treatment. MAX ozone generators are widely used in industrial parks, chemical plants, municipal water treatment, coking wastewater and other fields.



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