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Application ofozonegeneratorforinsecondarywatersupplyproject


Application of ozone generator for in secondary water supply project

As a strong oxidizing agent, ozone generator has been widely used in many fields and has a long history of application in water purification processes, almost simultaneously with the most commonly used chlorine disinfection.

Ozone generator

However, due to the complexity of ozone disinfection system equipment, large investment and high power consumption, it was previously adopted only in a few developed countries.

Since the 1990s, due to the suspicion that the organic matter in the water and chlorine disinfection after the reaction of trichloromethane formed after the carcinogenicity, many countries gradually in the drinking water treatment system or the addition of ozone treatment process.

ozone generator for in secondary water supply project

In China, ozone disinfection in general is in its infancy, especially in the water treatment process, but in the regional secondary water supply project, ozone disinfection has been applied to accumulate some experience.

In terms of the disinfection characteristics of ozone, ozone sterilization is fast and effective. Test results show that in the 0.45mg / L ozone, after 2 minutes poliovirus that is dead; such as chlorine disinfection, the dose of 2mg / L need to go through 3 hours.

Ozone generator not only on all pathogenic bacteria, fluorescent bacteria, aspergillus, fungi and other microorganisms can be quickly killed, but also on some common disinfectants resistant to microorganisms also has a very significant bactericidal effect. At the same time, ozone sterilization is almost unaffected by pH.

Additionally,Ozone for drinking water treatment, in addition to good sterilization effect, no secondary pollution, but also decolorization, deodorization, removal of iron, manganese, oxidative decomposition of organic matter and coagulation, some reports indicate that the ozone can kill all the harmful substances in the water.

In recent years the rise of mineral water, pure water, bottled water has been the ozone technology products must be used in the market, leaving the ozone equipment is difficult to meet the standard.



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