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Manufacturing of 300g/h ozone generator air source

MAX 300g/h ozone generator includes an air source ozone generator host, an air source treatment system, a dosing system, supporting automatic controls, detection instruments, etc.

air source ozone generator

After the air is compressed by the compressor, it passes through the main pipeline filter to remove dust particles larger than 1 micron as well as water mist and oil mist. It is shallowly removed by the refrigerated dryer and removed by high-efficiency oil removal filtration and ultra-high-efficiency oil removal filtration.

ozone generator

Dust particles larger than 0.01 microns should be kept within 0.01mg/m3 of water mist and oil mist, and then enter the adsorption dryer for deep drying to make the air source dew point reach the required -50°C or below, and then go through universal dust removal and high-efficiency filtering. The dust filter removes dust particles larger than 0.01 micron to become a qualified raw gas source.The qualified raw gas source enters the ozone generator chamber after decompression and stabilization.

In the medium-frequency high-voltage electric field in the ozone generating room, part of the oxygen turns into ozone, and the product gas is discharged from the ozone outlet after flow monitoring and automatic adjustment.

ozone generator

The equipped ozone concentration detector takes in gas through the ozone gas inlet provided on the gas outlet pipe of the ozone generating room to detect the ozone gas concentration.

A safety valve is designed on the air inlet pipe of the 300g/h ozone generator, which opens when the system pressure exceeds the design value to ensure the safety of the system.
The ozone generator is equipped with a cooling system to provide cooling water for the ozone generator. The cooling water outlet of the ozone generator has a temperature transmitter and a flow switch. When the cooling water temperature exceeds the set value or the flow rate is lower than the set value, an alarm is issued.



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