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Industrial wastewater

High concentration mail wastewater – deep ozone oxidation of coking wastewater

Coking wastewater is generated during the coking of coal and the cracking of oil and natural gas. With the development of industry, the discharge of such wastewater is increasing day by day. Coking wastewater often contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, ammonia nitrogen, pyridine, cyanide, coal tar, etc. The pollutants are mostly difficult to biodegrade organic compounds and toxic substances. Experimental studies have shown that the treatment of coking wastewater with ozone technology can significantly improve the effluent quality.

Through experiments, it was found that for coking wastewater with COD values less than 1000mg/L and phenol content less than 500mg/L, the water quality was significantly improved after ozone technology treatment.

The COD removal rate is as high as 80%, the phenol removal rate is above 80%, the sulfur cyanide or cyanide removal rate is close to 100%, and the ammonia nitrogen removal rate is around 35%.

3×45kg/h ozone generator
3×16kg/h ozone generators



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