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Printing and dyeing wastewater

The mechanism of ozone oxidation technology for treating printing and dyeing wastewater is to combine oxygen atoms into the treated substance through ozone oxidation, changing the molecular structure and performance of the original substance, thereby improving the degree of biodegradation.

Secondly, dye coloration is caused by chromogenic groups, such as vinyl, azo, oxidized azo, hydroxyl, copper sulfide, nitroso, ethylene, etc. These chromogenic groups all have unsaturated bonds. Ozone can oxidize and decompose these groups contained in the dye, producing organic acids and aldehydes with smaller molecular weights, causing it to lose its chromogenic ability. So, ozone is both an oxidant and a good decolorizer.

Using ozone oxidation technology to treat wastewater, there is no sludge generation, no secondary pollution, and it meets the technical requirements of clean production. So ozone oxidation technology has shown its unique advantages in the wastewater treatment of the printing and dyeing industry.



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