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ozonation for water treatment

ozonation for watertreatment

Keeping ozone at a concentration of 0.4mg/L in drinking water for 4 minutes can achieve disinfection purposes. In addition, ozone can also bring other benefits in drinking water treatment processes. Pre ozone treatment can enhance the clarification effect, avoid the conversion of organic matter into haloforms, and promote the death of microorganisms such as algae. Ozonation treatment is particularly effective in eliminating micro pollutants and enhancing the biodegradability of difficult to treat substances.

25kg/h ozone generator for water drainage

3×10kg/h for water drainage

50000-200000m³/h waterworks post-ozone-activated carbon technique

Oxidation treatment of industrial high concentration organic wastewater

Ozone is widely used in Industrial wastewater treatment, such as paraphenol, cyanogen and printing and dyeing wastewater treatment. Ozone can rapidly decompose cyanide in cyanide salts. In the treatment of phenolic wastewater, the degradation rate of phenol by ozone is related to the amount and time of ozone added. Moreover, the higher the pH value in the reaction, the faster the reaction, and the smaller the ozone consumption. Ozone can decolorize all dye wastewater except Disperse dye. It can destroy the hair color or auxiliary color genes of dyes to achieve decolorization effect.

3×45kg/h ozone generators

CNPC 3×1.5kg/h ozone generator for Republic of Chad

Hospital wastewater

CNPC 2×2kg/h ozone generator for hospital wastewater

Dyeing and printing oxidation decolorization

CNPC 5kg/h ozone generator for

Dyeing and printing oxidation decolorization



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