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ozone generator for Ozone Denitrification

Ozone is a powerful oxidant second only to fluorine. Effective use of ozone can greatly improve our living conditions and environment. The benefit of ozone lies primarily in its ability to oxidize pollutants. Ozone gas itself is unstable, so it must be prepared on site when used. The product of ozone decomposition is oxygen, so ozone is an environmentally friendly oxidant-max ozone generator.

ozone generator for Ozone denitrification

ozone generator for Ozone denitrification


Ozone denitrification is a low-temperature oxidation technology that injects oxygen/ozone mixed gas into the regenerator flue to oxidize NOX into high-valent and water-soluble NO2 and N2O5, which are then washed through the desulfurization tower and react with an alkali solution to form Nitrates, or react with water to reduce nitrogen.

Our ozone generator system that design uses an oxygen generator to provide the gas source for the ozone generator.

The oxygen storage tank is designed according to the gas production volume and the residence time of 15 minutes.

Oxygen with a purity of more than 90% enters the ozone generator to prepare ozone after passing through the decompression device.

The prepared ozone passes through the cloth The gas device distributes ozone gas evenly to the cross-section of the flue gas pipe behind the induced draft fan of the sintering machine.

A flue gas mixer is installed in the pipe to fully mix ozone and NOX-containing flue gas in the flue gas pipe and cause oxidation reaction. Oxidize the NOX in the flue gas into easily absorbed NO2 and N2O5.

The desulfurization scrubber is then used to absorb NO2 and N2O5 to generate nitrate.

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