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Power Supply Unit

The electricity generated by the ozone generator is provided by the power cabinet of the ozone system. The power cabinet of the ozone generator converts conventional voltage and frequency into the frequency and voltage required for ozone generation. The high-voltage power output from the power cabinet is connected to the high-voltage electrode of the ozone generator gas source inlet chamber through special high-voltage cables and specially designed high-voltage connectors.

Sankang’s power cabinet applies the most advanced power and electronic technology in the world today, and new technologies are constantly developed according to the development of world power and electronic technology.

Sankang is a manufacturer that independently designs, produces, and assembles intermediate frequency power supply systems for ozone generators.

The exterior is painted with an anti Weitu cabinet, and several sets of cabinet doors are independently locked for easy maintenance. All cabinet doors are interlocked to protect the safety of workers during normal operation. The human-computer interaction interface can allow manual operation through local PLC or remote control by a single PLC. The current operating status can be displayed through indicator lights and graphical interfaces

PLC control system

Each ozone generator unit is automatically controlled and powered independently, equipped with Siemens SmartPLC, and an integrated high-resolution touch screen display can display all parameter Run chart and clear text error records. The detailed functions are as follows:

(1) Ozone production (transformer operation control, frequency converter control, temperature control);

(2) Ozone concentration instrument for the entire ozone generation system;

(3) Measurement data of ambient air instruments;

(4) Cooling water temperature;

(5) If a significant fault occurs, the system will automatically alarm and shut down.



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