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High concentration organic sewage

High concentration ozone water preparation machine

1. Product Introduction

The SK series high concentration ozone water generation equipment is a high-tech product of Jinan Sankang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. This equipment uses oxygen and water as raw materials, and uses a 380V power supply to immediately produce high concentration ozone water. This equipment represents the advanced development achievements of China’s high concentration ozone water.

This equipment is equipped with a dedicated ozone concentrator, high-efficiency ozone generator, ozone mixer, automatic exhaust valve, etc. PLC fully automatic control,

Automatic operation. Connect the tap or water tank to output high concentration ozone disinfection water.

2. Product Features

1、 The concentration of ozone water is high.

2、 The pipeline adopts stainless steel pipe fittings, which are resistant to pressure and corrosion;

3、 The oxygen purity obtained by producing ozone is above 90%;

4、 Adopting a high concentration and high efficiency ozone generator;

5、 The ozone utilization rate can reach over 80%;

6、 Stainless steel shell, easy to wipe, hygienic and corrosion-resistant. Ozone resistant.

7、 Small size, low noise, and stable output.

3. Working principle

This machine applies advanced physical oxygen production principles and directly separates oxygen and nitrogen in the air at room temperature and pressure through the pressure swing adsorption function of the oxygen production tower, obtaining high-purity oxygen; Then, the corona discharge method is used to obtain ozone, and the oxygen-containing gas is subjected to an alternating high-voltage electric field under normal pressure to generate corona discharge and generate ozone; After mixing water and ozone through a gas-liquid mixing system, a certain concentration of ozone water is obtained.

4. Scope of Application

High concentration ozone water has no residue in sterilization and disinfection. Using air and water as raw materials, the cost of sterilization and disinfection is very low. After sterilization, it decomposes into oxygen and water, so there is no residue during sterilization and disinfection. The sterilization and disinfection work can be completed in 1-2 minutes

Cleaning and disinfection of packaging bottles and processing equipment for various food and beverage enterprises, biological enterprises, etc.

Rinse mineral water, purified water, tap water, grape wine bottles, etc. for sterilization and disinfection; Disinfection of self-produced water by various production enterprises;

Schools, troops, government agencies, factories and other public canteens disinfect vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken feet, bleach chicken feet, sterilize chicken feet, etc;

Aquaculture farms sterilize and disinfect aquaculture water to prevent and control aquatic diseases;

Strengthen sterilization, oxidation, sterilization, and decolorization in sewage treatment and garbage treatment;

Use ozone water for sterilization and disinfection of swimming pools, warehouses, community water supply, etc;

Sterilize and disinfect agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits to reduce pesticide residues;

Disinfection and purification of water in swimming pools or small family swimming pools, hot spring pools, etc;

Packaging disinfection, environmental disinfection, air purification, chemical synthesis, material modification, etc;

Personal hygiene and hygiene, cleaning and disinfection of bedding and clothing.



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