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Ozone Generating Inverter

The ozone generating inverter includes an independent borosilicate optical glass tube (insulating tube), an independent fully insulated amorphous electrode, and two annular discharge spaces formed between the insulating tube and the high-voltage electrode. When gas flows through both sides of the insulating tube, ozone is generated.

The ozone generator room adopts a patented technology for a self recovery ozone generator unit with an internal insulator. This technology can ensure that the glass tube is undamaged when the discharge tube encounters an obstacle, and the equipment has an automatic recovery function during operation, reducing the maintenance time of traditional ozone equipment and ensuring the efficiency of equipment operation.

The medium frequency high-power high-voltage power supply of the ozone generator has applied the most advanced power electronics technology in the world, selected high-power electronic power devices, insulated gate bipolar triode IGBT, through optimizing PWM control technology and Electromagnetic compatibility overall technology, on the premise of meeting the general needs of customers, through expansion design, it can flexibly meet the personalized needs of customers and special industry needs, At the same time, a high-end DSP digital signal processor is used to accurately measure and control the power supply, enabling our company’s ozone generator product to achieve advanced performance in medium frequency, high-power, and high-voltage power supply.

This power supply has superior anti jump performance and the ability to use harsh power grids, temperatures, and dust compared to similar products, and has full protection functions. It has extremely high security and reliable operation.



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