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Ozone specific high-voltage transformer

The core of the ozone specific transformer is made of special silicon steel material, with a heat dissipation gap left, which has a good natural cooling effect;

Used to transfer power and match the output of electronic power circuits with the generator chamber, the requirements for its parameters are different from ordinary transformers. Due to the significant numerical changes in the load during the entire working process of the generator room, its characteristics also change with different lighting or normal working conditions, requiring the transformer to have a certain leakage inductance to balance the above changes and protect electronic components. Leakage inductance can easily cause circuit losses and generate instantaneous high voltage during commutation, so its size needs to be selected according to the load situation.

 At the same time, there should be an appropriate number of taps left in the initial stage for equipment adjustment to meet the requirements of impedance matching. The power supply can only output maximum power when the impedance reflected by the load through the transformer to the primary level is equal to the internal resistance of the power supply.



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