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Ozone generating chamber

The ozone generator room is installed horizontally or vertically, which can be directly placed on the ground, installed on a foundation, or fixed on a shelf; Due to horizontal installation and easy inspection and maintenance by observing the sealing plate at the end.

The ozone generation chamber consists of the following parts:

(1) Air source inlet and distribution room;

(2) High pressure distribution is installed in the distribution room at the inlet of the gas source to provide electrical energy for the ozone generation unit;

(3) The generator tank and ozone discharge body are installed inside;

(4) Ozone outlet collection room;

(5) The cooling water chamber is isolated from the generator tank body and sealed stainless steel pipes welded at both ends, serving as the cooling water chamber.

(6) Cooling inlet and outlet pipelines;

(7) The discharge body is installed in a stainless steel tube;

(8) The tank body serves as the grounding electrode;

Some of the energy that cannot produce ozone is converted into thermal energy for release, and must be carried away through a cooling water chamber with sufficient flow rate of cooling water. The Sankang ozone generator operates at a voltage of 7000V and a frequency of 800HZ. The selection of this parameter is not only to provide optimized conditions for efficient ozone generation, but also due to a safe and reliable design concept. The discharge voltage of 7000V greatly reduces power impact, ensuring a longer service life of the discharge body. The generator is designed to operate continuously for 24 hours, with each unit pre installed with relevant instruments and valves. The ozone generator is fully integrated and installed. Before leaving the factory, the pipes, valves, instruments, and cables have been installed on the generator, and the entire system has been fully tested in the factory.



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