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Swimming pool water treatment

Application of ozone in swimming pool water

The application of ozone technology in swimming pool water treatment is due to its strong oxidation effect, which can decompose organic matter at a reaction rate hundreds of times higher than chlorine. It can effectively prevent the combination of chlorine and urea to form chloramine, while also oxidizing the precursor of THM, greatly reducing THM. The hydroxyl groups formed after ozone decomposition in water can hydrolyze multivalent metal ions into colloidal compounds, which are filtered out through sand filters, not only improving the perception of water, It can also remove organic matter that has been oxidized and decomposed in water.

The pool specific ozone generator adopts negative pressure technology, and the biggest advantages of negative pressure pool ozone generators are: simple operation, reliable operation, and cost reduction. The negative pressure ozone generator reduces the investment in compressed air equipment, and the air drying process is completely controlled by established procedures. The working status is timely feedback, and gas leakage is effectively avoided, improving the safety of operation.



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