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Space Disinfection/

Vehicle-mounted ozone generator

Model SK-CF
Product Ozone Generator
production 3000mg/h
Power 70w
Voltage customization
Air source Air
Cooling wind cooling
Size 230*180*450(mm)
Timer 10-120min
Application CAR/Bathroom

  • Product Details

Ozone is a Allotropy of oxygen. It has strong oxidizability in the process of releasing positively charged oxygen atoms and is a strong oxidant. The oxidizing power of ozone is 600-1000 times that of chlorine gas and 3000 times that of ultraviolet radiation,from max ozone generator engineer.

Product introduce

Ozone is widely recognized as a broad-spectrum and efficient disinfectant worldwide. Ozone has a spectral bactericidal effect at a certain concentration, with the principle of accelerating bacterial aging and ultimately reducing to oxygen; It can quickly kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus albus, Staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria. There are no toxic residues and will not form secondary pollution, known as the “cleanest oxidant and disinfectant”.

SK-F series ozone generator: The inner core is made of the fifth generation high-efficiency special process composite honeycomb ceramic,This ozone generator with high concentration and long service life, representing advanced technology in the ozone industry. The SK-F series ozone generator has a beautiful and elegant design, novel and unique, easy to operate, and reliable operation.

It can be widely used in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, entertainment venues, supermarkets, public places and other spaces and the wireless remote control to operate for a duration set . Convenient and simple, saving electricity expenses, environmentally friendly and low-carbon.

Advantages of ozone generator

1.All SU304 stainless steel shell, beautiful and elegant, with high corrosion resistance;

2. The generating unit adopts a modular design, with high efficiency and convenient maintenance for individual discharge units;

3. Adopting high-purity ceramic surface discharge technology to effectively ensure the stability of ozone concentration;

4. Wireless remote control function for easy operation.


Air sourceAir
Coolingwind cooling



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