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100g-1000g ozone generator/

100g/h ozone generator

Warranty 1 Year
Place of Origin Shandong, China
Productivity 100g/h
Ozone concentration 120-148mg/L(8-10wt%)
Size The dimensions are subject to the latest products. Ozone generator:1300x800x2000mmPSU1400x1000x2000mm
Power 0.6-0.8kW
feeding Source Oxygen Source
Package Carton
Application water purify
Color Blue/White
Oxygen flowNm³/h 0.67-0.83Nm³/h
Cooling water volume(m³/h) 0.2
Voltage 380V 50HZ

  • Product Details

The core of the 100g/h ozone generator is the ozone generator using high borosilicate special glass discharge tube. It represents the latest and most advanced ozone generation technology. This patented design combines high ozone concentrations, low energy consumption and unparalleled stability.

ozone generator

The working tower of the insulator should not exceed 15% of its rated breakdown voltage, which can make the machine run more stable.

The performance of the ozone generator is determined by the discharge tube, high-quality power supply unit group, etc.

Product Features

100g/h ozone generator power supply and transformer adopts full air cooling. The internal use of fully insulated intelligent recovery electrode, good stability, low voltage, high safety performance. Ozone concentration up to 12wt%(liquid oxygen source).

Warranty1 Year
Place of OriginShandong, China
Ozone concentration120-148mg/L(8-10wt%)
Size The dimensions are subject to the latest products.Ozone generator:1300x800x2000mmPSU1400x1000x2000mm
feeding SourceOxygen Source
Applicationwater purify
Oxygen flowNm³/h0.67-0.83Nm³/h
Cooling water volume(m³/h)0.2
Voltage380V 50HZ


We are a professional manufacturer of ozone generators and accessories. We have been committed to the research and development of ozone technology since 1999. So far, it has provided many excellent products for many customers. Got the user’s favor. Due to technical advantages, we have spent three years to develop high-purity ceramic ozone discharge tube technology, oxygen generator integrated ozone technology, and obtained a patent. We have been specialized in producing ozone generators for more than 20 years. With advanced production lines and professional assembly personnel. It can produce a single ozone generator with a capacity of 200kg/h and above, which is far ahead in China

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