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10g-100g ozone generator/

50g/h ozone generator for water treatment

Warranty 1 Year Place of Origin Shandong, China Productivity 50g/h Condition New Material wooden case with steel side Weight CFG-40A:100kg Size 600x700x1700mm

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50g/h ozone generator for water treatment

The core of the 50g/h ozone generator is the ozone generator using high borosilicate special glass discharge tube. It represents the latest and most advanced ozone generation technology. This patented design combines high ozone concentrations, low energy consumption and unparalleled stability.
It has good application scenarios in reverse osmosis.

Product Features

50g/h ozone generator power supply and transformer adopts water cooling. The internal use of fully insulated intelligent recovery electrode, good stability, low voltage, high safety performance. Ozone concentration up to 6wt%(oxygen source).

This equipment uses the Venturi jet method and integrates ozone generator, water pump, ejector, tail gas decomposer and other equipment. After the water and ozone are combined, the ozone concentration in the water reaches 0.3ppm and then it is discharged.

50g/h ozone generator

The role of ozone generator in water treatment

Ozone has a stronger oxidizing and disinfecting ability than chlorine. It can not only sterilize and disinfect more thoroughly, but also degrade harmful substances contained in water. Harmful components and removal of heavy metal ions and various organic impurities, such as iron, manganese, sulfide, benzene, phenol, organophosphorus, organochlorine, Cyanide, etc., can also deodorize and decolor water, thereby achieving the purpose of purifying water. Ozone has strong adaptability and is affected by water temperature and pH value. smaller. Ozone has a wide adaptability range and is not limited by bacterial species. Its sterilization effect is better than chlorine disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection. Unlike chlorine, residual Ozone can decompose into oxygen by itself without causing secondary pollution. The water after ozone treatment is colorless and odorless, tastes good, and can improve drinking water quality


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