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Space Disinfection/

5-10g/h pool ozone generator

Model: SK-CFG-5C

Ozone production :5 (g/h)

Oxygen flow rate: 2~3 (L/min)

Power consumption: 80 (w)

Cooling water: 2 (L/min)

Dimensions: 375*470*180 (mm)

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Ozone generator for swimming pool

5-10g pool ozone generator uses negative pressure technology.

Advantages of ozone generator

5-10g pool ozone generator its high concentration and stable output, equipment using imported electrical components, generating system moisture-proof and explosion-proof, long service life, using quiet design, is the pool water ozone system has a high value of equipment.

Product details

The generating system uses ozone generating unit, the internal electrode is 316L stainless steel, strong oxidation resistance, high pressure resistance, its high concentration, long life.

The generator set adopts modular design, easy maintenance, does not affect the work of other modules, and realizes the integrated control of its generation system, air source system and cooling system, and is easy to install and use.

why did you choose us

We have international advanced emission technology and manufacturing experience, and long-term standing in the forefront of the domestic industry technology.we can design supporting products and complete installation process for different customer needs and application conditions, to provide customers with the most economical and perfect solutions.

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1. Are you manufacturer?

We are direct manufacturers, specializing in ozone technology.

2. What are your strengths?

We have international advanced discharge technology and experienced team of engineers and designers.


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