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Swimming pool ozone generator/

80g/h single-gate ozone generator

Ozone output: 80g/h

Cooling water flow: 0.20m³/h (25-32℃)

Host power: 1.3kwh/kg·O₃

Dimensions: 1800*800*2000mm

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80g/h single-door ozone generators for sale

80g/h single-gate ozone generator is a negative pressure pool ozone generator. It is characterized by silence. It can avoid the noise effect on the surrounding environment.

Its operation is simple and reliable. It has the safety of operation.

For the 80g/h single-gate ozone generator, we did a lot of testing and improvements, and then started selling it. The price and quality of this ozone generator are very good. In fact, the quality of this ozone generator is superior to other Chinese manufacturers. Because we are a professional ozone generator manufacturer.

Ozone generator

The inner motor of the ozone generator is 316L stainless steel. Strong antioxidant ability, high pressure resistance. High ozone concentration and long use time. Ozone system bipolar effective cooling. To maintain high stability of ozone production.

Why use a pool ozone generator?

Traditional pool disinfection methods often require large amounts of chemicals, such as chloride, to maintain water hygiene. Pool ozone generators can reduce reliance on chemicals, reducing the potential impact on the environment and human health. Using a pool ozone generator can provide more effective disinfection and purification, improve the quality of pool water, and reduce the use of chemicals.

Our advantage

We are a professional manufacturer of ozone generators and accessories. We have been committed to the research and development of ozone technology since 1995. So far, it has provided many excellent products for many customers. Got the user’s favor. Due to technical advantages, we have spent three years to develop high-purity ceramic ozone discharge tube technology, oxygen generator integrated ozone technology, and obtained a patent.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

1. Are you manufacturer?

We are direct manufacturers, specializing in ozone technology.

2. What are your strengths?

We have international advanced discharge technology and experienced team of engineers and designers.



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