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Swimming pool ozone generator/

300g/h Ozone Generator Part accessory of pool watertreatment

Applicable Industries Large swimming venues,Hotels, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use
Video outgoing-inspection Provided
Warranty of core components 1 Year
Core Components Pressure vessel, Pump, Motor, PLC
Place of Origin Shandong,    China
Warranty 1 Year
Productivity 300g/Hour
Weight (KG) 450 kg
Condition  New
Brand Name Sankang
Material  wooden case with steel side
Size 1800*800*2000mm
Power  4.7kW
Product name  Ozone Generator
ozone concertration (wt%)  2-3(60-80mg/l)
Application swimming pool water/drinking water treatment
Capacity   300g/h
Color   Blue/white
Certification  CE/ISO 9001 ISO45001 ISO14001
Voltage  380V 50Hz  Customized
After Warranty Service Video technical support/Online support
After-sales Service Provided Video technical support

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Product characteristics

Our ozone generator adopts negative pressure technology, and the biggest advantages of negative pressure pool ozone generators are:

simple operation reliable operation low procurement  operation costs.

The use of an ozone generator in our Swimming Pool reduces the investment in compressed air equipment, and the air drying process is completely controlled by established procedures. The working status is timely feedback, and gas leakage is effectively avoided, improving the safety of operation.

Technical differentiation

The generation system adopts a dedicated ozone generation unit, with an internal electrode made of 316L stainless steel.

This product has strong oxidation resistance, high pressure resistance, and high ozone concentration.

The equipment has a small volume and high concentration, representing advanced technology in the ozone industry.

The design of a small oxygen rich gas source ozone generator is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, with a power consumption of only 7-9Kwh/KgO3, and adopts a silent design.

Composition of ozone generator accessories

The odor oxygen mixing device includes a mixing pump, separation tank, exhaust valve, instrument control, etc. it integrates a mixing pump, water gas separation tank, exhaust valve, etc., avoiding on-site installation and debugging.

The air mixer adopts an advanced gas-liquid mixing system. After mixing water and ozone, a certain concentration of ozone water is obtained through the gas-liquid separation system. Then, the water gas separation system is used to separate the water gas mixture, separating the undissolved ozone and oxygen. It has the advantages of high mixing efficiency and high ozone production.



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