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Swimming pool ozone generator/

150g/h ozone generator

Ozone production: : 50-150 g/h


Cooling water flow:0.45m³/h (25-32 ℃)


Host power: 2.4kwh/kg·O₃


Dimensions: 1800*800*2000

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150g/h ozone generator for pool

150g/h ozone generator uses negative pressure technology. The ozone generator has the advantages of simple operation, reliable operation, low procurement and operation cost.

The ozone concentration and yield stability of the pool pump generator are high.Ozone generator generation system moisture-proof and explosion-proof, long service life. Our quiet design makes the sampling system extremely valuable in swimming pool water.

Product details

The generation system adopts ozone generation unit. The inner electrode is 316L stainless steel, with strong oxidation resistance, high pressure resistance, high ozone concentration and long life.

Ozone system double click for effective cooling. To maintain high stability of ozone production. Advanced PLC automatic control, to achieve ozone generation, air source, cooling, control system integration.

Each link in the ozone dosing system, the equipment are centralized control. Testing instrument, water pump, tail gas decomposition device, etc. The ozone system can be protected in time according to the test data to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the entire ozone system.

The main parameters of ozone generator

Ozone production: 50-150 g/h

Cooling water flow: 0.45m³/h (25-32 ℃)

Host power: 2.4kwh/kg·O₃

Dimensions: 1800*800*2000mm

Why use a pool ozone generator?

Traditional pool disinfection methods often require large amounts of chemicals, such as chloride, to maintain water hygiene. Pool ozone generators can reduce reliance on chemicals, reducing the potential impact on the environment and human health. Using a pool ozone generator can provide more effective disinfection and purification, improve the quality of pool water, and reduce the use of chemicals. Pool ozone generators can improve the safety and comfort of pool water quality. Reduce the use of chemicals and keep the water clean and transparent. To enable swimmers to enjoy swimming in a more healthy and enjoyable environment.

1. Are you manufacturer?

We are direct manufacturers, specializing in ozone technology.

2. What are your strengths?

We have international advanced discharge technology and experienced team of engineers and designers.



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