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Ozone generator system working mode

one-button start – PSU ozone generator

ozone generators

Taking into account the particularity of the ozone system,MAX Ozone generator adopts a one-to-one mode to design the ozone system working mode according to different customer on-site operating conditions.

The theme mode applies one-click start: the ozone generator system will be activated according to the load (fluctuation of nitrogen oxides) Automatically adjust ozone production, ozone concentration, ozone flow, equipment power consumption, etc., and reasonably adjust the power supply working status to keep the ozone system in optimal operating status, effectively reduce the operating cost of the ozone system, and realize completely unattended operation of the equipment.

Electrical system cooling methods

The working mode is single and fixed and cannot be started with one click. The working mode of the ozone equipment does not necessarily completely match the on-site operating conditions. The power supply power is not adjustable. It is impossible to adjust the output power of the power supply according to the fluctuation of nitrogen oxides on site, making it impossible to be reasonable and effective. In order to reduce the operating cost of the ozone system, it is impossible to achieve a completely unattended state.

Electrical system cooling methods Air cooling: Effectively prevents cooling water from corroding the heat sink, as well as electrical system failures caused by rupture of the cooling water delivery hose and water leakage at joints. Water cooling: Long-term flow of cooling water will be corrosive to the heat sink of the power module. At the same time, aging and cracking of the cooling water delivery hose and water leakage at the hose joints will cause electrical system failures.



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